8 Enlightening Gifts For Beginner Buddhists

8 Enlightening Gifts For Beginner Buddhists

Buddhism teaches us that the path to enlightenment, the end of suffering, is achieved by removing both emotional and physical desire. However, it also recognizes that removing all desire is not entirely practical in our physical world. It therefore prescribes the 8 fold path, known collectively as the Middle Way.

Whether you or your loved one is a beginner of Buddhism or an aspiring yogi, below you will find 8 gifts specifically chosen to inspire and aid one along the Middle Way.

1) Everyday Enlightenment: Beginnings

Everyday Enlightenment represents an excellent introduction to the definition of enlightenment as well as the 8 Fold Path. Throughout the 21 day self guided journey, one is inspired to reflect on the thoughts that most often result emotional pain. This in turn aids one at mastering the first 3 steps of Buddhism’s 8 Fold Path, Right Understanding, Right Thought, and Right Speech. Not only is the content enlightening, but the book, which is handmade from traditional lotkta paper and natural ink, is pretty special in itself.


2) Monk Blessed Copper Mala

Mala beads, much like Rosaries, are meditational aids. They have been used for millennia to aid Buddhist monks master step 8, “Right Concentration,” or the practice of skillful meditation. Although one can use any type of Mala with 108 beads, this Mala is special in a few ways. First, it was infused with the positivity by the disciples of Lama Druthob Rinponch of the Woechen Thuk-Je Choeling Monastary in Nepal. Second, being hand carved out of copper, one can almost feel its conductive quality. The result is a Mala that wants to be recited upon, and that will hopefully last a lifetime.

3) Monk Blessed Rosewood Mala


This Blessed Rosewood Mala is much lighter than the Copper Mala featured above. This means, that with its adjustable cord, it can be worn comfortably at any time. It is made from the highest quality Indian rosewood, which gives it a beautiful grain. Like the Copper Mala, it also comes in a hand carved rosewood box. The box contains two small scrolls that give details about the mantra used to bless it.


3) Monk Blessed Conchshell Mala

The final Mala we would like to recommend in this guide is this natural Conchshell Mala. The photos speak for themselves, but this truly is a beautifully crafted Mala. Like the former two Malas, this one also includes the rosewood box, as well as the donation to the Monastery. Again, the scrolls found inside the box, are quite unique and explain the blessing process, making it a remarkable gift for anyone interested in Buddhism.


4) Traditional Mandala Incense

These incense will transport you right into the halls of a Buddhist monastery. It is made in Nepal out of all natural seeds, roots, resins, flowers, and barks. It is a distinct and soothing smell, and one that somehow inspires meditation. The bamboo and traditional paper packaging is pretty unique and eco-friendly as well.


5) Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Scientists have postured that the high-intensity, low-frequency combination of singing bowls, can induce a deep relaxation response and positively affect mood and sense of well-being. And in our experience we have definitely found this to be true. Made in Nepal, this bowl is small and portable, making it great for a little pre-meditation sound healing at home or on the go.


6) Monk Blessed Silver Om Ring

We love this ring because it fits perfect, is handmade out of sterling silver, and is engraved with the ancient mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum. The the ring and the mantra are a constant reminder to maintain the “Right Mindfulness” of one’s feelings, body and mental outlook. Like the Malas, it is also blessed, and comes in an original handmade jewelry container.


7) Every Night Enlightenment

was developed to help people sleep through Buddhist breathing techniques and 8 Fold Path inspired nightly exercises. Like Everyday Enlightenment, this is a 21 night self guided journal made from traditional lokta paper. It’s an excellent gift for both insomniacs and aspiring Buddhists alike.


8) Buddha Bear’s Enlightenment Coloring Book

Buddha Bear was brought to life by celebrated author and cartoonist Guy Gilchrist. It is arguably the cutest character ever created. Over the course of 21 days, you’ll travel with Buddha Bear, learning Buddhism inspired lessons, and coloring along the way. It is truly a unique and memorable coloring book.



The gifts in this guide all designed to inspire and empower aspiring Buddhists. But they are also ideal for advanced practitioners as well.

More, all of these products have been handmade in Nepal, which means a percent of the profit goes to supporting livelihoods there.

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