Become A Backpack Buddha Ambassador

Over the past three years we have built a strong team of Backpack Buddha Ambassadors. We are happy to have you join us! The steps are simple and the benefits are endless. All you have to do is click "Sign Up" at the bottom of this page to get started!

Once you sign up, you'll receive a link on your Ambassador Dashboard. The choice is yours what you do with it. Some of our ambassadors choose to place their link on their website, create a post on their social media, or share the link amongst family and friends. The point is to make a sale through your link and collect the 20% commission. Once you've made a sale you can start enjoying some of the other amazing benefits of this ambassadorship.


* Our program is only for those who legitimately promote Backpack Buddha. We do not pay out commissions to 1) "Coupon / discount code websites" who use discount codes that were issued by us during previous promotions. 2) Those who refer themselves.


Full Benefits Of A Backpack Buddha Ambassador

  1.   An exclusive 20% storewide discount code that you can use and share with all your friends, family, & customers. 
  2. Access to our ambassador program with 20% commission on all referrals.
  3.   A 40% wholesale discount on all our products. (10 item minimum. Normal wholesale rate, 35% off)
  4. Holiday and promotional discounts that you can use and share. Up to 35% off select products.

You might be thinking, how can we offer such a high commission?

The truth is, we want to get our products out there! We believe in our meditation tools and Enlightenment Journals, and feel they can truly help people. Even though we're making a very small profit offering commissions and discounts, spreading the word and helping others is definitely worth it for us.

How To Become A Backpack Buddha Ambassador?

In order to become a Backpack Buddha Ambassador, and receive full benefits, you must complete the following:

  1. Sign up for our Backpack Buddha Ambassador Program.
  2. Refer 1 customer that results in 1 sale. 
  3. Upon your first sale you will be paid a commission of 20% of the purchase price.
  4. Email us at with the same email you used to sign up with to request your unique 20% discount code, or place a 40% off wholesale order. 

Sign Up

    Email us at for any questions or concerns.