7 Crystals For 7 Chakras: How To Enhance Our Human Experience

7 Crystals For 7 Chakras: How To Enhance Our Human Experience

Enhancing the human experience means maximizing life force, managing emotions, balancing thoughts, and meeting the world as it appears in each moment.

To get there, we must fine-tune all aspects of ourselves, without becoming overly dependent on any one of our tools, so that each is at our disposal at the right moment.

The chakra system provides us a means to identify, understand and hone each aspect of our being, so that we can dance with life as it unfolds.

One way in which we can better understand the chakras, and their pranic energy, is through the use of mother earth’s crystals. As the earth is in tune with the universal energy, so too are we.

Although the 7 Chakras can be harnessed towards enhancing our human experience without any supplement, the following crystals align too perfectly in both healing and empowering properties to be coincidental.

1.) Root Chakra - Muladhara - The Survivalist - Carnelian

Muladhara, is the foundation of the energy system, located at the base of the spine.

The word Muladhara literally translates to the “seat of the root,” or “root support,” and many modern practitioners call it simply “the root chakra.”

Muladhara governs our survival instincts, which means it is the energy of our basic fears. One of the most common manifestations of fear is anger. Recognizing the root cause of this fear and subsequent anger, leads to an ability to better tune into and utilize the Root Chakra in any situation.

The radiance of Red Carnelian along with its ability to calm anger and clarify perceptions makes it a crystal that seems to lend itself perfectly to the Root chakra. Focusing on this stone reminds us to always identify the root cause of our angers and frustrations.


2) Sakral Chakra - Svadhistana - The Hedonist - Tigers Eye

Svadhistana is typically referred to as “the sacral chakra,” due to its orientation in the area of the spine immediately above the sacrum (the five fused vertebrae above the tailbone). It is most commonly felt in the area of the genitals. For men, this is around the base of the penis, and for women around the clitoris.

As you might have guessed, the Sakral Chakra deals with pleasure and also creativity. Connecting with this Chakra requires courage and a deeper degree of self awareness. This is where Tigers Eye, with its strong confidence inspiring properties lends a hand. 

3) Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura - The Warrior - Yellow Tigers Eye

The Solar Plexus Chakra is felt in the belly, and has its root in the spine behind the belly button. As its location would suggest, it is associated with digestion.

It also concerns the energy of perseverance. When we are tired, sore, and the road ahead is strewn with obstacles, it is the energy of this chakra that we call on to make it through.

Yellow Tigers Eye, much like regular Tigers Eye, is another courage inspiring stone that seems to perfectly match the glow of the Sakral Chakra. When we focus on this stone we are not only reminded to fight on in the face of obstacles but to never give up.

4) Heart Chakra - Anahata - The Lover - Aventurine

Anahata is usually called “the heart chakra,” because it is located in the center of the chest, between the nipples, and its energetic qualities tend to also be associated with “the heart” in the poetic sense. This chakra deals with unconditional love, and can help us see the love in all of our decisions, including those that cause harm.

Green Aventurine is known as the heart healer. When we see Aventurine we are reminded of that which prevents us from loving unconditionally. But when we wear it, it’s feeling on our skin seems to translate inner peace, forgiveness, and a love for ourselves that helps us love others. This is why Green Aventurine is an ideal companion for the Heart Chakra.


5) Throat Chakra -Vishuddha - The Purist - Aquamarine

Vi meaning “high,” shuddha meaning “purity,” Vishuddha is the chakra of high purity, and that purity is reflected in each of its energetic attributes. It is located in the area of the throat, rooted in the cervical area of the spine, and known colloquially as “the throat chakra.” Its physiological counterparts are the thyroid and the parathyroid, which means that it plays a major role in governing the endocrine system.

The Throat Chakra enables us to communicate our truth openly, honestly, and clearly. It also enables us to perceive the truth in other’s expressions, even if it is masked.

The properties of Aquamarine are in perfect congruence with the throat chakra. It is a stone that is known to help one overcome judgement, and to promote self expression. It is also believed to help one overcome sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid problems. It was as if Aquamarine was forged with the Throat Chakra in mind.

6) Third Eye Chakra - Ajna - The Visionary - Lapis Lazuli

Ajna is located at the very top of the spine. It is known as the Third Eye because it allows practitioners to access visionary states. This Chakra deals primarily with visualization and physic abilities. It is harnessed through an absolute clarity of mind, and increased wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli is ability to heighten awareness is believed by many to best enhance ones journey towards harnessing the Third Eye Chakra. It’s beautiful indigo color seems to reflects the serenity of the sky or ocean, making it a perfect stone to meditate on the Third Eye Chakra with.

7) Crown Chakra - Sahasrara- The Portal - Amethyst

Located at the crown of the head and representative of the point at which all differentiation is transcended into oneness, think of Sahasrara like a portal between divine oneness and our individual expressions.

One could say that it contains all energetic attributes of the former 6 chakras simultaneously.

Amethyst is helpful crystal to help better comprehend this final Chakra or “portal of oneness.” Amethyst seems to contain all the properties inherent to the 6 previous chakras. It is known to be soothing, balancing, confidence inspiring, loving, cleansing, truth speaking, and awareness enhancing. 

Is The Chakra System Even Real?

Scientists have no idea what gravity is, only how it works. You can’t measure gravity itself, only its effect on objects. That doesn’t invalidate the theory of gravitation, because gravity’s effects are perceivable and predictable, and the experiments are reproducible.

Based on the reproducible results I’ve seen in others, and myself, I know that energetic practices, based on the chakra system, work. So, whether there is actually some measurable energy field around us (Google “Kirlian photography Burr and Ravitz” for scientific studies of the human aura), or if that is merely metaphorical language to describe something we don’t fully understand, is irrelevant.

If your goal is spiritual evolution, and enhancing the human condition, the chakra system is certainly a powerful tool to that end.

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