Monk Blessed 5 Sacred Symbols

This bracelet has been blessed by monks from the Woechen Thuk-Je Choeling Monastery. It has been charged with positivity, and purified by lifelong monks through the recitation of the mantra “Om Ranchi Ramni Tawa Taya Hum.”

This amulet is made of sterling silver, and contains 5 symbols sacred within Tibetan Buddhism & Hinduism; The Buddha Eyes Of Wisdom, Ganesh the elephant god, Dorje the thunderbolt of enlightenment, Buddha, and a sun with Buddha eyes.


This monastery is located 365 steps above Kathmandu, Nepal. It is situated next to Swayambhu Temple, one of the holiest Buddhist temples in the world. In the words of its modern founder, 
His Eminence Ven. Drubthob Rinpoche, this temple is dedicated to the “restoration of a harmonious human society, and for the well being of every sentient being in this world.”

Your Donation: We have made a significant donation on your behalf to both restore this monastery following the devastating earthquake in 2015, and to help ensure its continuation for years to come.

About This Bracelet

All our jewelry is made by hand in Nepal from natural sterling silver from India.

If for any reason you're not happy with you piece, we'll happily provide a full refund. 

  • Size: This bracelet is on a shor
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver


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