Meditating With Malas eGuide

Curious about Mala beads but don't where to start?

Already meditating but interested in incorporating Mala beads into your routine?

Meditating With Malas offers an insightful introduction, with a focus on practice. 

In this eGuide you'll find information on:  

  • Choosing the best Mala for you
  • How to recite mantas on the 108 beads
  • A list of powerful ancient mantras 
  • Modern day mantras
  • The 7 Chakra Mala & stone properties explained 
  • Blessed Mala Beads
  • How to use singing bowls during meditation.
  • A list of resources for further study

We hope that it serve as a guide into your fullest potential.

About This eBook

This eBook consists of 14 pages. It comes in PDF /Kindle formats. Upon your purchase, you will receive a downloadable link. If you have any trouble downloading the link, we'll be happy to help you at

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