From Nepal, with love.

  • Blessed by disciples of Lama Druthob Rinponche
  • 108 “Om” engraved shell beads
  • A positively powerful meditation tool for life.


The 108 bead Mala is an ancient meditation tool. The more it is used, the more energy is infused within it. The more one recites positive intentions or sacred mantras on its beads, the more positively powerful it becomes.

The Blessing Process

  • Blessed by the purifying mantra “Om Ranchi Ramni Tawa Taya Hum”
  • Anointed with grains of rice
  • Infused with intentions of compassion.

Hand Carved "OM" Rosewood Box


The Woechen Thuk-Je Choeling Monastery

The Woechen Thuk-Je Choeling Monastery Logo

This monastery is located 365 steps above Kathmandu, Nepal. It is situated next to Swayambhu Temple, one of the holiest Buddhist temples in the world. In the words of its modern founder, His Eminence Drubthob Rinpoche, this monastery is dedicated to the “restoration of a harmonious human society, and for the well being of every sentient being in this world.”

His Eminence Ven. Drubthob Rinpoche

His Eminence Ven. Drubthob Rinpoche, as described by his disciples, has always been available to anyone who seeks his help and blessings. He has specialized in helping those with various nervous disorders. He is also well known for performing rituals to dispel obstacles from peoples lives, and eliminating negativity.

Your Donation

Through your purchase of this blessed Mala, a significant donation is made on your behalf. This donation goes directly to the restoration of this monastery following the devastating earthquake in 2015. It also helps to ensure the continuation of this monastery for years to come.

A gift from Backpack Buddha

Meditating with Malas eGuide

We want you to benefit from your blessed Mala as much as possible. To aid you on your path, you'll receive this 7 page eGuide all about Mala beads & how to use them as a medium for mindfulness, tranquility, and contentment. It's got all the essentials to help you benefit the most from your blessed Mala Beads.

About Your Blessed Mala

Why Conch shell?

Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, and soothing to the touch, but it's also one of the 8 auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism, symbolizing the speech of the Buddha.

Copper Mala


Material: Conch shell
Length: 34 inches
Bead size: 8mm

Thread: Adjustable

Weight: 52 grams

*Hand carved and made in Nepal.

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From all of us at Backpack Buddha in Nepal and the USA, we wish you the greatest inner peace, self love, discipline, and happiness on your path.