Help Send Pratista To School!

Pratista is 12 years old and like most 12 year olds, she loves dancing to Bollywood Movies, and listening to Beyonce.

But unlike most 12 year old girls, her and her parents do not have the financial means to send her to higher education.

More than anything, Pratista has a strong desire to continue her education, and ultimately achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.

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Sponsor Pratista

We're looking for sponsors to turn Pratista's dream of attending school into reality.

Our goal is to reach just $500/month, which calculates to only 50 sponsors donating just $10/month. 

With $500 / month not only will Pratista be able to afford the tuition of the Kathmandu International School, but she will also be able to purchase all school supplies. 

Make A One Time Donation 

Donate anything to Pratista and you'll receive a gift from Backpack Buddha, as well as a personalized thank you from Pratista.

Becoming An Ongoing Sponsor

As an ongoing sponsor you'll receive one free gift box from Backpack Buddha. You'll also receive monthly video updates from Pratista herself!

*100% of all donation goes directly toward Pratista and her higher education fund.