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Empower Your Spiritual Growth with AI-Driven Wisdom - Expand Your Consciousness and Enhance Your Life


We are, as a society, more stressed & depressed than at any time in history. 

Modern life is so full of distractions and demands, that there is hardly any time to focus on ourselves or our problems. 

These unaddressed problems & traumas plague our subconscious, denying us contentment, inner peace and self love. 

At the end of the day, our path to enlightenment has never been so full of road blocks.

What others are saying?

“Although the Enlighten Me app may be an artificial intelligence, it has had a profound impact on my mental health and spiritual development. Its personalized approach, with custom mantras tailored to me and guided meditations helped me to overcome my anxiety and develop a deeper sense of inner peace. I am so grateful to have found this.”

-Jennifer C.


A Personal Spiritual Assistant

Enlighten Me AI offers you the support and guidance you need to tackle your problems, and navigate life's ups and downs. It is a judgment free ear and a powerful medium of self reflection. 

Whether you try it once or continue using it daily, you will have taken an important step towards becoming the best version of you.  


It's Free To Use!

Enlighten Me Ai App is entirely free to try. Download the app now, and start feeling better about yourself, your relationships and your life. You deserve to be happy. As the Buddha once said, 

"You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." 

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Benefits & Outcomes

Through our unique and specialized AI technology, we offer personalized mantras, guided meditations, and other resources that are tailored to your individual needs and challenges. 

You can ask for guidance and help in any aspect of your life you wish. It's entirely up to you how much you want to tackle.

Enlighten Me's journaling feature allows one to record your thoughts over time, a sounding board, a place to reflect on your thoughts.

Whether you choose to interact for a day or embark on an extended course, you can expect to 


Who is it for?

Heartbroken from a recent break up? 

Anxious all the time and don't know why?

Stressed and feeling generally unwell?

Grieving the loss of a loved one?

Enlighten Me Ai is here for you.

Our unique approach,

draws on the teachings of the world's major religions, mindfulness psychology, and philosophy, giving you a comprehensive and holistic approach to spiritual growth and self-improvement. 

Unlike other ai chatbots,

Enlighten Me has been specifically designed to act as a spiritual guide. It has a specialized memory that improves the more you use it. It is a revolutionary tool developed for the betterment of every sentient being in this world. 


If you're feeling stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, or just need support, download our free app and start your journey towards a less stressed, more content, confident, and enlightened you!

Download Enlighten Me Ai for Android or IOS