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Buddha Bear

“Buddha Bear offers the perfect medium to teach my kids about mindfulness, meditation, gratitude and compassion. This free resource has been so helpful, and after 3 months, I’m already noticing positive emotional and spiritual growth in my children’s behavior. Plus my kids simply love Buddha Bear, and so do I! What a blessing. Thank you Buddha Bear!”

Sonya H. - New York, New York
Buddha Bear

Your Free Weekly Printable Activities Include

  • Kindness Missions!
  • Self Reflection letters!
  • Meditation mazes!
  • Gratitude games!

Who Is Buddha Bear?

If I get frustrated, I remember to breathe and stay calm. I am always grateful when I have food to eat, especially my favorite berries. And I always take time to appreciate nature, because that makes me feel so happy! Even though I’m still a little bear, my mind is pretty strong. Every day I’m learning how to become more content, compassionate, and in control of my thoughts. Because one day, I’m going to become enlightened! That’s why my name’s Buddha Bear!

Buddha Bear


Your children will learn about

  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude
  • Basic meditation
  • Emotional coping strategies

Towards emotional & spiritual growth.

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Buddha Bear

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