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Make Your Own Mala!

(Offered Daily in Kathmandu)



  1. Experience two of Kathmandu's most revered Buddhist temples.
  2. Choose from hundreds of beads, strings, and tassels to create your own unique Mala.
  3. Meet the monks of Wochuk Monastary who will bless your mala.
  4. Receive an introduction to Mandala Art & Healing Bowls.
  5. Explore Swayambhu (Monkey) Temple.
  6. Enjoy a special home cooked meal with a beautiful Nepali family.


What's Included?

  • All temple entrance fees
  • All mala materials
  • Mala blessing donation
  • All transportation to and from temples
  • An special dinner with Param's family



At 10 am your guide Param will come pick you up at your hotel. You will first head to Boudha Stupa, a pilgrimage site for millions of Buddhists from around the world.
It's here that you'll create your own Mala with the help and instruction of our dedicated Mala team. Feel free to choose from whichever beads that speak to you. 
Next, with your new Mala in hand, you'll receive an introduction to Buddhism in practice as you walk around the stupa and along side dozens of Buddhist pilgrims. 
After you complete one revolution around the stupa, you'll then travel across town to Wochek Monastary. Here you'll meet practicing monks, who will bless your newly created Mala. 
With blessed mala in hand, Param will lead you on a short walk to the renowned Swayambhu (Monkey) temple. Here you'll learn about the history of this temple, as well as Kathmandu. You'll be introduced to Mandalas and to the traditional Buddhist art style of Thanka. 
Finally, just as fatigue and hunger sets in, you'll be invited to the home of Param, to have a traditional Nepali meal with him & his family. (optional but highly recommended.)


About Your Guide Param

Param isn't only Backpack Buddha's Managing Partner, but he's also a veteran tour guide with over 10 years experience! He knows and loves his home town like the Mala on his wrist. And no matter how crazy Kathmandu gets he always remains cool & spiritually centered. 



Price: $79 / Person

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