Anxiety Freedom (Audio course)

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5 Powerful Sessions

1. Breath work

6 count in, 6 count out. This simple meditation technique is beneficial and suitable for all levels, from meditation beginners, to experienced practitioners. The simplicity of focusing on your breath, to transform your state of consciousness is profound. Simply slow down, focus on your breathing, relax, tune inwards, and expand your mind in the process. Enjoy.

2. Hips, Head, & Heart Relaxation Meditation 

Your body and mind and connected. Learn how to release anxiety by focusing on energy and bringing in fresh energy into and connectig different parts of your body. You will learn how to connect and physical tension, or mental tension in your body, and use visualization techniques in this meditation session, to release it.

3. Affirmation Meditation 

"I am a calm and confident person." Part of long-term change, is reprograaming your mind. If you've only imagined yourself as a stressed and anxious person, the chances are you're not spending too much time thinking of yourself as calm and confident. Affirmations, are crucial and effective in longer-term behavior change, and plant the seeds of what you want, instead of your problem. Enjoy bringing yourself one step closer, and learning the simple and powerful technique of affirmations in this meditation session.

4. Visualization Meditation

"If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand" - Bob Proctor. Visualizing outcomes or experiences you would like to have, brings them closer to their existence in your reality. Enjoy using your imagination in this meditation, to open your mind, and create new dreams, that these techniques will help bring into reality.

5. Bodyscan Relaxation Meditation

Continue to learn how to use your body, to refine the sharpness, calmness, and clarity of your mind. Vipasana techniques are a simple scanning up and down your body. Like all of the best meditation techniques, simplicity and repetition is what makes it so powerful. Give your mind a break, and drop into this simple bodyscan pattern in this all-levels meditation that will bring clarity, presence, and equanimity. 

What Makes This Course Different?

This course seeks to alter the ways in which we understand anxiety, and thereby overcome it. Ultimately, it was designed to not just reduce anxiety but help one become happier, healthier, calmer and more confident.

Each sessions builds upon the last, offering you simple yet powerful techniques that not only reduces your anxiety, but more importantly increases your ability to feel happy.

These sessions represent a start, a new way forward, and one that you can begin right away. 

About Keith J. Allen

Keith is an accomplished Yoga instructor, a guide of meditation, an international entrepreneur, and an all around inspiring individual. From Australia, to Thailand, to Colorado, and Guatemala and back, Keith has traveled the world with one primary goal; that being to further his quest towards enlightenment & help others do the same.

In addition, Keith is the content director at, author of the Yoga Fix Book, editor of Everyday Enlightenment, and a valued member of the Backpack Buddha Team.

About Your Course

This course is comprised of 5 unique sessions. Each session is around 20 minutes in length. We recommend that you engage with each session in the evening, so that these meditations might translate into your subconscious mind during sleep.

How To Download

This course is delivered via a digital mp3 download. After your purchase, you'll receive an email containing a link to download the course. Please contact us at for any and all inquiries.