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Whether through commandments, pillars or noble truths, the world's 5 main religions all teach an ethic of reciprocity underlined by compassion. They all promote faith in a higher power, whether it be in God or the God within oneself.

The four quotes on this board were selected from the dogmas of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. 

Through them one truth is inherently clear. They are all evolutions of the same core concept, that being to love one another and to love oneself. 

The Coexist vision board serves as a reminder of this truth and hopes to promote understanding for those of different faiths, ethnicities, and cultures. 

Supporting Livelihoods 

This original vision board is made by hand out of traditional lokta paper at 11,482 ft above sea level, in a village with a history of making this special paper for over 2,000 years.

As a result, your purchase directly helps to keep this ancient art alive, and supports the livelihoods of these remarkable craftsman. 

About This Vision Board

  • Material: Lokta Bark 
  • Size: W: 7 in H: 7 in


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