Buddha Bear's Enlightenment Coloring Book

  • 21 Days of Adventure

  • Let's overcome dark forests and mighty rivers!

  • We'll make new friends everywhere!

  • Color with me along the way!

About This Coloring Book

Buddha Bear's Enlightenment Coloring Book is a 21 day course based on our popular self guided meditation journal, ”Everyday Enlightenment: Beginnings.” Although it is recommended for kids ages 5 to 12, this doesn’t mean teens and adults can’t enjoy it and benifit from it as well! It has been carefully created to foster positive emotional growth through concepts of compassion, gratitude and love. This is achieved through the daily theme, a question of self reflection, and most importantly, the adventures of Buddha Bear!

Who Am I?

My name is Buddha Bear. Ever since I was a super small bear, I dreamed of traveling the world. At first it was pretty scary traveling alone. Now I’m not afraid of anything! 

I always remember to help people whether their problems are big or small. When I get frustrated, I always remember to breathe and stay calm. I’m always grateful when I have food to eat, especially my favorite berries. And I always take time to appreciate nature, because that always makes me feel happy!

Even though I’m still a little bear, my mind is pretty strong. Everyday I’m learning how to become more content, compassionate, and in control of my thoughts. Because one day, I’m going to become enlightened!

That’s why my name’s Buddha Bear!

About The Creator

World-renowned illustrator, author, comic strip artist, and songwriter, Guy Gilchrist is best known as Jim Henson’s cartoonist. He was instrumental in the development of “Fraggle Rock” and the creation of “The Muppet Babies”. He has also set his hand to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Looney Tunes,” “Tom & Jerry,” “The Pink Panther,” and many more. He has written and illustrated over 60 children’s books, three of which were awarded “Best Book Of The Year” by the United Nations International Reading Council. It’s no wonder that his work has been permanently enshrined in the National Smithsonian Institute.

His latest creation…Buddha Bear; the coloring book & children’s book series!


Your Donation

When you buy a copy of Buddha Bear’s Enlightenment Coloring Book, you also buy a much needed school grade notebook and pencil for an underprivileged student, grades 2-8, in the Kathmandu valley. 

How It's Made

Buddhist monks & scholars have utilized lokta bark paper for centuries as a medium to transcribe sacred texts as well as to record one's spiritual progress. It is insect & humidity resistant, which allows this unique paper to last for up to 1,500 years! In other words, your children will have this interactive coloring book for a very long time. More, this book is made entirely by hand using natural ink, flour based glue, and all eco-friendly materials. As a result, your purchase directly supports the livelihoods of these extraordinary craftsmen and women, and helps keep this ancient art form alive! Check out the entire process below.



    • Book Size: 8 in x 11 in
    • Material: All natural, eco-friendly Lokta paper

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