Life Balance Bracelet: Duality


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How would your life be different if you could achieve balance and inner peace on a daily basis?

  • Find Balance
  • Reduce Stress
  • Made from Shaligram & Howlite
  • Blessed by Monks
  • Donation on your behalf
  • Original, Handmade & Eco-conscious production
  • 2 - 4 day shipping

Why this Mala was Created

Whether you are looking to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your communication skills, or simply find a sense of balance in your life, this Life Balance Mala is an unrivaled tool.

With its combination of shaligram and howlite, it offers a unique blend of spiritual and emotional benefits that will help you to feel centered and at peace, no matter what life may bring.

Why is Balance so Important?

Everything in this world is in balance, from the intricate workings of the universe to the delicate balance of chemical reactions. It's a fundamental principle that is reflected in all aspects of life, including within ourselves.

Achieving balance in our lives is essential for our well-being and happiness, yet it can be a challenging and ongoing process. However, by recognizing the need for balance and committing to living in a more balanced way, we can create a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Why Shaligram & Howlite?

Shaligram is a sacred stone found in the holy rivers of India, believed to have spiritual and healing properties. It is said to bring peace and stability to its wearer, helping them to release negative emotions and find inner calm. By combining shaligram with howlite, a calming and soothing stone, this mala is a powerful tool for promoting inner peace and emotional balance.

Howlite is a white stone with light grey veins, known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. It is said to help clear the mind, encouraging a sense of calm and tranquility. Howlite is also believed to enhance communication skills, helping its wearer to express themselves clearly and confidently.

About Woechen Thuk-Je Choeling Monastery

This monastery is located 365 steps above Kathmandu, Nepal. It is situated next to Swayambhu Temple, one of the holiest Buddhist temples in the world. In the words of its modern founder, Monk Rinpoche, this temple is dedicated to the “restoration of a harmonious human society, and for the well being of every sentient being in this world.”


In this vein, we have made a significant donation on your behalf to both restore this monastery following the devastating earthquake in 2015, and to help ensure its continuation for years to come. Click here to learn more about all our projects and donations.

A Free Gift From Backpack Buddha 

We want you to benefit from your Mala as much as possible. To aid you on your path, you'll receive this 7 page eGuide all about Mala beads & how to use them as a medium for mindfulness, tranquility, and contentment. It's got all the essentials to help you benefit the most from your blessed Mala Beads.

*Each Mala comes with a small physical book as well with instruction on how to use. 

Support Nepal

Every purchase made on Backpack Buddha directly supports our team of local artisans who assemble our Mala strands, and "Sherpas" who ensure the highest quality beads, and make sure everything is shipped on time, based around Kathmandu, Nepal.

Click here to find out more about Causes We Support.

About the Life Balance Bracelet

  • Size: 8mm (0.31") beads
  • Size: 48cm (19") long, held end to end including tassel
  • Size: 84cm (33") total circumference
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Thread: Adjustable via our original knot
  • Bead Count: 21 beads
  • Box: Handmade & sustainable lokta box.

Sherpa Shipping

As soon as you place your order we will begin processing it. The moment we ship we will send you tracking information. It will then take between 2-4 business days to arrive. With over 60,000 successful deliveries please let us know if there are any issues whatsoever!


If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we are happy to provide an exchange, or a full refund. Contact us first at, before shipping anything back to us.

About Backpack Buddha

We’re a small company based primarily in Nepal and the USA. From the very start in 2015, we decided we would base our entire business model on good karma. We create original products using eco-friendly materials such as Himalayan hemp, natural stones, wood, and hand made Lokta paper. Our primary goal is to provide meditation tools, self-empowering journals, and other spiritually conscious products that truly help people.

Support Nepal!

When you shop with us at Backpack Buddha, you are not just purchasing a product, you are supporting the livelihoods of our team of local artisans and craftsmen who put together our Mala strands, books and backpacks with care and attention to detail. We take our social responsibility seriously, that's why for every Blessed Mala or Jewelry item you purchase, we make a meaningful contribution to the Woechen Thuk-je Choeling Monastery. We also believe in the power of education, so for each copy of Buddha Bear's Enlightenment Coloring Book sold, we donate a school-grade notebook to a student in need in the Kathmandu Valley.

Thank You!

From all of us at Backpack Buddha in Nepal, Thailand, Guatemala and the USA, we wish you the greatest inner peace, self-love, discipline, and happiness on your path towards Enlightenment.