Rudraksha Seed Mala

In Tibetan Buddhism, the 108 bead Mala is a powerful meditation aid in bringing positive forces of self realization & contentment.

The seeds that comprise this Mala is known as Rudraksha. The seed of a tree that is believed to be powerful in keeping away negative energies.

We love this Mala because of the texture of the seeds. When we roll them between our fingers, they calm us, and give off a pleasant earthy smell.

Whether you wear them around your neck or on your arm, these beads feel good.

A Gift From Team Backpack Buddha

We want you to enjoy our Mala beads as much as we do. To aid you on your path, you'll receive this 7 page eGuide all about Malas & how to use them as a medium for mindfulness, tranquility, and contentment. It's got all the essentials to help you benefit the most from Tibetan Buddhist Mala Beads! 


About These Prayer Beads

Unlike other Mala Prayer Beads around the internet that are often made from plastic and very cheap, ours are made from natural Sandalwood, Wenge Wood, Rosewood Bodhi, & Rudraksha seeds from Nepal. They are then assembled by local craftsmen in Tibet, which ultimately helps support the region.

We love our Mala Beads and strongly believe they can help others. If for any reason you're not happy with you Mala, we'll happily provide a full refund. 

  • Size: 8mm (0.31") beads
  • Size: 48cm (19") long, held end to end including tassel
  • Size: 84cm (33") total circumference
  • Weight: 1.4oz.
  • Material: Rudraksha Seed
  • Thread: Non-Elastic
  • Bead Count: This Mala is comprised of 108 beads
  • Note: Bracelet wraps 3-4 times around the average wrist comfortably.
  • New: All Mala Beads now come in a handmade good luck pouch from Nepal!


Please Allow 4-6 days for delivery.

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