Buddha's Vision (Unisex T-Shirt)

Buddha's Vision Shirt hopes to inspire spiritual wealth and personal growth. 

The four quotes on this shirt were carefully chosen to compliment the 4 ancient symbols.

  • Buddha's Eyes of Wisdom: Is a symbol of omnipresent compassion. The dot between the eyes is known as the third eye and symbolizes awakening & the symbol below the eyes is the Sanskrit numeral 1, symbolizing the unity of all things. 
  • Pair Of Golden Fish: Is an ancient symbol for good fortune and is believed to represent two holy rivers, the Ganges and Yumana.
  • Om Mani Padme Hum: Represents the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. It's repetition is believed to bring one closer to enlightenment.
  • Om: The Om symbol represents the belief that everything, time, the universe, and all life is one. 


  • Our most popular unisex shirt
  • 100% cotton
  • 4.3-ounce and 30 singles
  • Rib-Knit Crew Neck
  • Double needle sleeves and hem
  • Made in the USA

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