Abundance Meditation (Audio Course)

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Meditate Towards Abundance

Through 5 Unique Audio Sessions

  • Manifest abundance
  • Attract Monetary Wealth
  • Relieve Financial Stress
  • Love Your Life

 5 Powerful Sessions

1. Golden Light Meditation (or "Golden"): In this guided meditation, you’ll use lightwork, visualization, and subconscious techniques to program your brain to magnetize money and abundance. Connecting with the element and color of gold to clear out any money blocks. This abundance meditation replenishes your abundance mentality and magnetism.
2. Gratitude Meditation (or 'Grateful') : The quickest and most effective way to create what you want, is to also feel gratitude for what you currently have. Focusing on lack and dissatisfaction, only leads to more feelings of lack and dissatisfaction. Focusing on feeling abundant, and grateful attitude for you present moment, leads to more feelings of gratitude, abundance, and enjoying your life in the present moment. This meditation guides you through a gratitude visualization and raises your abundance frequency and point of attraction.
3. Affirmation Meditation (or 'Affirmations') : This meditation uses the technique of positive affirmations, in training your subconscious mind, to create real life of richness in time, money, and love. Using and repeating a simple affirmation and mantra to focus on, you create a shift in your thinking and belief, and what you attract into your life. In this meditation, you program your mind to create actual richness in your real life.
4. 3-Phase Visualization for Abundance (or 'Visualize'): This meditation guides you into to visualize your abundant life in three phases. You will visualize your ideal home situation, you financial well-being, and yourself as a more abundant version of yourself. Seeing and believing your desired reality, is the first step and most powerful tool in the journey to become it. 
5. Magnetizing Abundance (or 'Magnetic'): Program your mind to effortlessly magnetize financial and energetic abundance into your life in this meditation session. This meditation is centered upon getting out of your own way and more in line to receive abundance into your world.


Other Money Manifestation Courses

We know the internet is full of courses that claim you can be rich through so called laws of attraction. They say that all you need to do is believe and the money will come. 

But we know that manifesting true wealth doesn't simply happen via ambiguous laws. We know that this is an effort that takes some serious time and commitment. More, it's a commitment that involves altering our pre-conceived views of money and happiness.  

What Makes This Course Different?

This course isn't just designed to increase monetary wealth. Instead, it seeks to alter the ways in which we understand money, and our relationship to it vis a vis personal happiness. 

Each sessions builds upon the last, offering you simple yet powerful techniques that not only change your relationship with wealth, but more importantly enables you to be deserving of it. 

These sessions represent a start, a new way forward, and one that you can begin right away. 

Ultimately, it was created to help you relieve financial related stress, consciously create financial wellbeing, attract the wealth you truly deserve and live in contentment.

About Keith J. Allen

Keith is an accomplished Yoga instructor, a guide of meditation, an international entrepreneur, and an all around inspiring individual. From Australia, to Thailand, to Colorado, and Guatemala and back, Keith has traveled the world with one primary goal; that being to further his quest towards enlightenment & help others do the same.

In addition, Keith is the content director at Yogadownload.com, author of the Yoga Fix Book, editor of both Everyday & Everynight Enlightenment, and a valued member of the Backpack Buddha Team.

About Your Course

This course is comprised of 5 unique sessions. Each session is around 20 minutes in length. We recommend that you engage with each session in the evening, so that these meditations might translate into your subconscious mind during sleep.

How To Download

This course is delivered via a digital mp3 download. After your purchase, you'll receive an email containing a link to download the course. Please contact us at Sherpas@BackpackBuddha.com for any and all inquiries.