Maya Love Shield #Atitlan (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

We've spent over 95 days working together with traditional weavers & medical professionals to develop the most:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Adjustable
  3. Talk-able
  4. Breathable 
  5. Anti-fogging

          face mask possible.

          Sitting approximately a 1/3 inch from the lips, this mask allows one to breath and speak with ease. 

          They are highly adjustable via built in extender flaps and our tested "comfort elastic" ear straps. 

          Have been designed to fit both the smallest & largest adult sized head.

          *For a limited time, you'll automatically receive a 2nd mask in your package for free! In other words, you'll receive both colors!

          Looking for a version for kids age 4 to 14? Check out our Maya Kids Shield.

          Over 100,000 successful deliveries!

          "Mayan Love Shield" Ⓒ Copyright 2021

          Supporting The Women Of Lake Atitlan

          This purchase directly supports the livelihoods of Mayan women around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Given these difficult times, your support is greatly appreciated. It literally aids in the immediate survival of countless Mayan families.

          Thank you Sandra!

          Utz Matiosh, Muchas Gracias, Thank You!


          About Mayan Shield #Atitlan

          • Size: highly adjustable with our own "diamond stich comfort" elastic. 
          • Weight: 14 grams (N95 is around 8g)
          • Materials: 100% cotton authentic Maya fabric. Inner lining / second layer is a cotton / polypropypene blend. The same material used in an n95/surgical mask.
          • Layers: 2 layers, with additional filter pocket.
          • Washing: We recommend hand washing for the purpose of longevity. If you decide to machine wash, a light cycle and hang dry is advised.
          • Fit: Metal insert allows one to mold mask to ones nose for a snug seal to prevent glasses from fogging. 
          • Adjustability: Our comfort elastic is horizontally adjustable via a wooden bead. Vertical length adjustable via built in extender flaps.
          • Intended use: to prevent the spread of & protect from airborne droplets.
          • *Disclaimer: These masks are not medical grade. While they can be used in conjunction with an N95 filter, they are not a replacement for one.

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          If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we are happy to provide an exchange, or a full refund as long as the product has not been used and remains in its sealed plastic bag. ***PLEASE do not ship back to us if used! Contact us first at: 

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